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Tips and recipes to have you baking like a pro this holiday season

Mexico City native David Cáceres Galicia grew up with bread-making in his DNA. After taking over the family business in Mexico and establishing a successful career in commercial baking, David and his brother Jose moved to San Antonio in 2014 and opened the popular bakery and café, La Panadería. As an international traveler and classically-trained pastry chef, David has gathered inspiration, collaborated, and learned world-class baking techniques from bread masters from around the world.

Chef David shares his top five tips to help the home chef master the art of baking this holiday season with the View:

Always use real butter.   Even if a recipe calls for lard, oil, or margarine, opt instead for real, high-quality butter. The results and taste are incomparable. I highly recommend using European-style butter if it’s available. It’s typically churned longer and has slightly higher butterfat than traditional American butter.

Sifting is key.   Always use a sifter to blend your dry ingredients and eliminate those pesky lumps in your batter or dough.

Let pies sit overnight.   After letting pies cool to room temperature, put them in the refrigerator overnight. Letting your pies chill for 12 to 24 hours allows the flavors to settle and become more intense.

Silpain mats are a cookie’s best friend.   For the best possible results, cookies need to bake in a dry environment. Humidity is the enemy of cookies! To create better air circulation and a higher quality cookie, I recommend using a perforated Silpain mat.

Be precise, and be patient.   With baking, it is extremely important to measure and/or weigh all of your ingredients and to follow your recipe to a T. Don’t try to change things up, especially if you’re new at it. Also, be patient. Baking is supposed to be fun, and the results are absolutely delicious. It definitely gets easier the more you do it!

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